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Susan Poulton

Door 44 Digital, LLC

Susan Poulton is President of the digital consulting firm Door 44 Digital. She has sixteen years of digital media strategy experience, working with organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and supports E/V Nautilus and the Ocean Exploration Trust with communications and outreach strategy.

Before founding her current consulting firm, Susan was Vice President of Digital Media for the National Geographic Society for seven years and spent nine years at America Online specializing in large scale digital live event production.

An avid traveler, photographer, and space enthusiast, Susan spends her spare time photographing rocket launches and blogging about space exploration.

Susan Poulton graduated from Virginia Tech University in 1996 with B.A. degrees in Journalism and English Literature.

"Science is the most dramatic adventure we've ever been part of." -- Brian Greene, Elegant Universe