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For Educators

Resources for Educators from JASON Learning

JASON Learning logoJASON Learning and its Immersion Learning program inspires interest and achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and help kids become college- and career-ready through powerful and award-winning online, print and hands-on learning experiences in classrooms, after-school settings and summer programs.

Below are a few of the resources produced by JASON. Please go to for these and thousands of other STEM educational resources.

  • Commander of the Nautilus Game
  • Nautilus Live Curriculum
  • Nautilus Mania Activity Book for Kids

JASON STEM Curricula & Adaptable Resources

Available in online and print editions, JASON's STEM curricula and adaptable resources are aligned to national and state standards. In addition to rich collections of student-focused resources like videos, articles, games, and live interactive events; we also provide activities, lesson plans, extensions, and interdisciplinary connections. Please choose one of our curricula below or got to to learn more!

JASON Curricula

  • Terminal Velocity (Forces and Motion)
  • Operation: Tectonic Fury (Geology)
  • Operation: Infinite Potential (Energy)
  • Operation: Resilient Planet (Ecology)
  • Operation: Monster Storms (Weather)

Immersion Learning Curricula

  • Nautilus Live!
  • Return to the Titanic
  • Marine Mammals of the Arctic
  • Dolphins

Educator Professional Development

JASON Learning's comprehensive professional development program is designed to increase teachers' expertise in implementing inquiry-based science curricula in the classroom and prepare them to use JASON curricula with their students. Go to to learn more!

Interactive Live Events

What would learning science be like if you could actually interact with famous scientists, instead of just reading about them? Imagine studying the deep sea with the explorer who discovered the Titanic, or designing Mars rovers with the mechanical engineer who builds them for NASA! JASON Live makes it happen. Our live, interactive webcasts connect kids and teachers with STEM role models to put a human face on science, technology, engineering and math, making them real and relevant. Go to to learn more!

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