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Cascadia Margin, USA

Robert Waters

Photo of Robert Waters
Hercules Pilot
Alvin Pilot
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Bob Waters is an Alvin Pilot with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Bob is a veteran of over seventy scientific expeditions over eighteen years working as both a manned and unmanned submersible pilot. He has piloted DSV Alvin, ROV Jason, DSL120 and the ROV "Doc Rickettes" for the Monterey Bay Aquatic Research Institute. Bob has extensive experience in Subsea Electronic Systems and was one of the principal engineers developing the Seabotix LBV miniature ROV.

Bob studied electrical engineering at Mesa College.


"I am thrilled to get a chance to operate the Hercules and hope that I can pick up some new ideas and pass on some of my past experience to the team."