The Team

Ship Location

Tampa, USA

Sarah Fuller

Data Manager
Graduate Student
University of Rhode Island

This is Sarah's 6th season with the Ocean Exploration Trust team. Originally joining the group as an intern in 2007, Sarah analyzed data for the 2007 Black Sea expedition and has been returning every season since 2010 as the Nautilus's Data Manager.

Sarah is also a graduate student at the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. Focusing in marine geology, she examines dispersal and transport mechanisms of volcanic sediments in the submarine environment, using Kolumbo volcano in the Aegean Sea as her primary study site. Before returning her focus to the ocean, Sarah went through a graduate program in environmental education and natural resource management at the Teton Science Schools in Jackson, WY . She then spent three years working as a field naturalist and educator for the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies in Aspen, Colorado.

Sarah graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2008 with a BS in geology.



"I can't wait for the new adventures that another season at sea will bring!"