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Sacit Yilmaz

Photo of Sacit Yilmaz
Sonar Systems Engineer

Sacit YILMAZ is a sonar system engineer in ASELSAN Inc, leading military defence company in Turkey. In Aselsan, Sacit is working as a system design engineer of torpedo countermeasure system for surface vessels. He is especially interested in the wet-end, the design of towed array sonar. His other interests are underwater acoustic calibration, hull-mounted sonars, underwater communication, measurement of acoustic noise of ships, magnetic field sources for underwater applications. In the first years of his job-life, he worked as an electronic circuit designer for some Command and Control systems. Sacit graduated from Bilkent University with a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2005 and completed his MS degree in 2008 on 31-Mode Free-Flooded Underwater Electro-Acoustic Transducer Design.