The Team

Ship Location

Gulf of Mexico

Mike Filimon

Hercules Pilot
Systems Engineer
Lockheed Martin

Mike is excited to return to the Nautilus for his fifth field season as an ROV pilot, his second as a Hercules pilot. Since graduating with a Masters Degree in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island in 2013, Mike has been employed by Lockheed Martin as an Engineer in their Undersea Systems Division. He is involved in the Marlin Autonomous Underwater Vehicle program, as well as several other ship and submarine programs.

Before his M.S in 2013, Mike received his B. S. in Ocean Engineering in 2011 with a minor in Underwater Archaeology from URI. He participated in the URI Underwater Archaeology Field School in Bermuda. Mike is a very experienced sailor and scuba diver, with numerous certifications from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, including Divemaster and AAUS Scientific Diver.


"I am excited to return to the Nautilus as a Hercules Pilot where I have the privilege of connecting scientists and the public to the mysteries of the deep ocean."