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Mary Nichols

Video Engineer
Middle Tennessee State University

Mary Nichols will be working as part of the video engineering crew to shoot  the live video you see on the internet and to edit together video clips for distribution from Nautilus.  

She currently teaches video production, media law and multi-cam truck production in the Video and Film Production program at Middle Tennessee State University.  During her career she has produced several documentaries on local Tennessee music traditions, and remote truck productions at locations such as NASA, Music City Roots and the Nashville Symphony.

Mary has been involved in many levels of freelance production ranging from country music award shows and musical performances to eight years working with Media Arts and Bob Ballard on various JASON Projects. She is currently working to upgrade her video engineering skills and is in her 16th year of working on projects with Dr. Ballard.  She spends her spare time studying "Old Time music," photography and woodworking.

Mary Nichols received her BS and MS degrees in Mass Communication at the University of Pennsylvania-Clarion and her Ph.D. in Communication Research from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


"To be the first to see artifacts and biology on the ocean floor that haven't been seen for perhaps a couple thousand years is humbling. It is the very essence of the term awesome!"