The Team

Ship Location

Papahānaumokuākea MNM, USA

Meet the Team

It takes a lot of people to explore the ocean — at any particular moment E/V Nautilus can host up to 31 members of the science team and 17 ship’s crew, all contributing in various ways to the scientific efforts of the Corps of Exploration. No one is expendable — without pilots, cooks, navigators, mates, data loggers, engineers, and many more, the ship couldn’t function. You don't have to have a Ph.D. to sail on Nautilus — just a passion for science and discovery.

Photo of Allan Adams
Science/Data Team
Photo of Lila Ardor Bellucci
Ocean Science Intern
Photo of Spencer Backus
Robotics Engineer
Photo of Andrea Balbas
Science/Data Team
Photo of Manyu Belani
ROV Engineering Intern
Photo of Megan Cook
Photo of Mark DeRoche
Deck Chief
Photo of Gregg Diffendale
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Allison Fundis
Expedition Leader
Photo of William Glatt
Argus Pilot
Photo of Nicole Gottschalk
Video Engineering Intern
Photo of Benjamin Grassian
Photo of Thomas Hourigan
Science/Data Team
Photo of Renato Kane
Photo of Christopher Kelley
Science/Data Team
Photo of Kristopher Krasnosky
Navigator, High Resolution Mapper
Photo of Alix Leszczynski
Science Communication Fellow
Photo of Justin Lowe
Data Engineer
Photo of Michael Marin
Argus Pilot
Photo of Leigh Marsh
Science/Data Team
Photo of Sara Matasick
Video Engineering Intern
Photo of Ed McNichol
Video Engineer
Photo of Nicole Raineault
Expedition Leader
Photo of Erin Ranney
Video Engineer
Photo of Trevor Shepherd
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Justin Umholtz
Science/Data Team
Photo of Dorsey Wanless
Science/Data Team
Photo of Robert Waters
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Nevada Winrow
Science Communication Fellow
Photo of Rebecca Wipfler
Science/Data Team
Photo of Samantha  Wishnak

Ship's Crew

Photo of Fedir Chepoy
Able Seaman
Photo of Anatoliy Choma
Chief Cook
Photo of Pavel Chubar
Photo of Iurii  Degtiarenko
2nd Engineer
Photo of Martyna Graban
1st Officer
Photo of Oleksiy Kokorin
Photo of Serhii Semenov
Chief Engineer
Photo of Sarolta Sen Manyoki
Photo of Igor Sergiienko
Photo of Paul Stapleton
Electro-Technical Officer
Photo of Sergii Tsyganenko
Able Seaman
Photo of Fedir Uzun
3rd Engineer
Photo of Vitalii Verbytskyi
2nd Officer

Ocean Exploration Trust Staff

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Post Production Supervisor
Community STEM Program Coordinator
VP of Marine Operations & Programs
Science & Mapping Coordinator
Director of Software and Data Engineering
Travel and Logistics Coordinator
Assistant Director of Data & Software Engineering
Executive Administrator
Education Program Assistant
Travel & Logistics Manager
VP of Exploration and Science Operations
Video Editor
Communications Manager