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San Pedro, USA

Last Dive down the Puerto Rico Trench

During our last dive for the Puerto Rico Trench we started at the base of a large rock wall in relatively shallow waters (~800 meters). Once at the top we entered the mesophotic zone and found a huge array of tropical life. Lionfish were in particular abundance as they are a huge invasive species in the area.

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A skate was found during the early moments of our dive on a rock wall near the isalnd of Desecheo.

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Full Of Sediment

A full push core is taken and ready to be stored for analysis back on the ship.

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A small crab is found during exploration on our last dive of the Puerto Rico Trench.

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Hey This Is Mine

A squat lobster is seen hanging on a coral and defending it from the large robotic interloper that has just arrived.

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One of the few sharks seen during out exploration of the Carribean and Puerto Rico a small cat shark is seen.

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Life Abounds

A great close up from Argus shows Herules diving in the mesophotic zone near the island of Desecheo. 

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We All Live On A Yellow Octocoral

An ophiuroid associate on the side of a yellow octocoral.

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Large Coral

A great shot of a large coral off the side of a rock.

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Scorpion Fish Hanging Out

A great shot of a scorpion fish hanging on the side of a rock outcrop covered in sponges and corals.

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An Exercise In Color

Some of the amazing colorful imagery is seen during our exploration of the top of a rock cliff in shallow waters near Desecheo.

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Follow Me!

A school of tropical fish is seen during our dive on a rock wall near the island of Desecheo. At the top of the wall we can across a large concentration of life in the mesophotic zone.

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Another Lion

A lionfish found in the waters around Desecheo.

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There Be Monsters Here

A close up shot of a lionfish is seen during our most recent dive. While stunning in their beauty they are also an invasive species that is decimating the local ecosystems.

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Hello There!

Diving at a shallow depth of the mesophotic zone we were able to come across a large number of tropical fish including this grouper.

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A large spotted eel swims into a sponge in an apparent attempt to escape the large yellow monster (Hercules) that has just shown up.

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Coral and Associates

A crinoid is seen hanging on a coral during our dive near the island Desecheo. We were in the mesophotic zone leading to a huge mass of colorful life all around.

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A large barracuda is seen from Argus while Hercules is seen diving below.

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Nautilus Revealed

The stern propellor and thurster for the dynamic positioning system can be seen in the clear Puerto Rican waters as Argus is recovered.

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In The Garden

In a rare occurance Hercules can be seen in only natural ambient light as we were shallow enough for Argus' lights to be turned off. He is diving in the mesophotic zone surrounded by corals, sponges, fish and lots of colorful life.

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