The Team

Ship Location

Panama Canal, Panama

Suna Tüzün

PhD Student
Istanbul University

Suna Tüzün is a biologist who has studied the growth parameters of indo-pasific Puffer fish species in the Antalya Bay. She worked on projects and education programs in association with the Underwater Research Society (SAD) and Hydrobiological Research Society (HIDRA), as a project member, educator and coordinator.

Suna graduated from the Ege University with a degree in biology in 2009, and completed the M.Sc. program in the Hydrobiology department of Adnan Menderes University in 2012. She currently is a PhD student in the Hydrobiology Department of the Istanbul University.

"Among the scientific studies I have ever taken part so far, the ones on board the Nautilus were merely the most outstanding. Having been one of the first persons to see the farthest flung of the planet, having had the privilege of experiencing unique explorations, having operated those seemingly unearthly gear and above all having been a member of that team... What could me more exciting?"