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NE Pacific Ocean

Situation Report - 25 Aug 2012

Institute for Exploration / Ocean Exploration Trust

Hercules and Argus were recovered this morning just after breakfast, after visually surveying the eastern side of Eratosthenes Seamount. While the vehicles were on deck, the engineering team reconfigured Chris Roman's mapping sensors to collect mapping data of vertical rock wall faces. We also had a swim call to practice life ring throwing, survival suit donning, and swimming, as part of the Nautilus International Athletic Games.

Following the vehicle pre-dive, Hercules and Argus were launched at 4pm local time to map the limestone features that resemble columnar joints. Mapping was completed at approximately 8pm, and we proceeded to conduct a visual survey of the top of the seamount from southeast to northwest.

What's next?

Visual survey will continue until tomorrow morning, when we will arrive at the fault running through the middle of Eratosthenes. There, we will map the vertical faces of the slickensides discovered in 2010. The dive will continue until tomorrow afternoon/evening, and will be our final dive of the Eratosthenes Seamount leg of the 2012 expedition.