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Scientists are often perceived as being very one-tracked; that is, very focused on their field. Few people seem to realize that scientists are people, too! They have hobbies and other interests that might not be science-related at all. So, I decided to explore some of the fun sides of the people aboard the E/V Nautilus.

Luckily for the rest of us, we have some very talented musicians aboard the Nautilus right now. Rachel has a degree in music, actually, and is great on the guitar and similar stringed instruments. She is also working on learning the steel guitar at the moment. Cady, our astronaut colleague, is a terrific flutist, and also plays the Irish flute and another similar instrument called a tin whistle. Several team members play instruments, as well: Brad plays guitar, sometimes in a band. These three artist-scientists treated us to a mini-concert more than once while I was aboard.

Aside from music, the folks on this mission also seem to have an outdoors penchant. Katy, Rachel, Nicole, and Iordanis mentioned hiking and otherwise being outside. Hannuman said he likes to take his dog with him outside for long walks! We have some scuba divers aboard, as you expect: both Brad and Garrett enjoy this hobby. And, we have a couple of skiers on the Nautilus, (though showing off their mad skills wasn't an option while aboard): Stephanie enjoys downhill skiing, while Roderick enjoys cross-country skiing. Another activity some our folks enjoy is bicycling : Clara is competitive in her cycling, while Sarah likes to take a more leisurely approach with her wheels. And, perhaps unique in our crew is Liz's love of piloting small aircraft. Our fearless leader, Bob, says he enjoys fly fishing. As you can see, the folks aboard Nautilus love being outdoors!

A unique interest I learned of belongs to Brian, who is a Lieutenant in his local volunteer firefighting squad.

Katy and Stephanie (pictured above) like to knit, and Katy also mentions she enjoys time in her garden.

Perhaps the most unusual combination of interests I found in the Nautilus team belongs to Chris, though: he enjoys windsurfing, raising his chickens and skateboarding (not at the same time.)

The other Educators at Sea aboard with me revealed their hobbies, as well. Jason Pittman writes comedy theater. Susie Hill likes watching movies at home and being with her kids. And me? Well, I enjoy handling and raising reptiles, going to theme parks, and enjoying funny movies.

So, the next time you stir up that mental image of a scientist, make sure to remember that underneath that lab coat you're picturing (which may not exist at all), there probably is something else, too: and whatever it is, it's bound to be something FUN.

Remember, to get more info about any of our wonderful team, check them out using the “” button on the Nautilus Live main page.