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I recently wrote a blog about the Argonaut program and their experiences on board the ship.  Nautilus is also involved with another program that allows students to come aboard.  It’s called the Honors Research Program, or HRP. The Honors Research Program allows older high school students (typically going into their junior/senior year) to come aboard the ship and participate in the watches, assist in the wet lab while samples are being processed, and generally be part of the science happening on the ship.  Differences between the Argonaut and HR programs include age of the participants, the duration of their stay (which is longer for the HRP students) and the activities that they are able to participate in.

We have two HRP students on board the ship right now and I sat down with them and we talked about their experiences in the program.  From July 7th- July 24th these students went through a training program at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography.  While on board the ship, they will be taking data from Hercules dives such as salinity, altitude, temperature, depth, etc. and plotting it over known maps of the area we are diving on.  The training they received at URI will enable them to use the software to accomplish this task.

During this time, the students lived in apartments under the care of Melissa Salpietra, Nautilus Live Technical Director and Associate Producer.  They cooked meals together in a shared kitchen, worked together each day, and went to the beach, the library, the movies, and played games on the weekend.  During this time, they became a team.

Julia Arthur will start her senior year this fall at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia.  She is a very focused student and member of the crew team at her school.  Although she is undecided on where she’ll be attending college next year, she is considering applying to Brown and the Naval Academy.  One thing is for sure, she is very interested in majoring in geology or a biological science. 

Julia Arthur Enjoys the Breeze on Deck

Diana Roman will begin her senior year this fall at Southwest High School in Houston, Texas.  Diana was actually a student of mine this past year and I was thrilled to see her get accepted into the program this summer!  She described herself as very “family-oriented and school focused”.  Her goal this year is to be number one in her class ranking.  Although her university of choice is still unchosen, she is very interested in science and design.  

Diana Roman Prepares for a New Day Aboard Nautilus

It’s an amazing experience to see the programs Nautilus is partnered with, capturing the attention of students around the country, and bringing them into the real world of science.